using your fizzy, bubbly bath treat!

there are definitely perks to owning your own bath-pampering products company. a new customer asked for instructions on how to maximize the fizz and the bubble in their new fizzy-bubbly bath treat and, darnit…. i just had to do a picture tutorial. which, of course, meant i had to take another awesome bath. sometimes, it’s tough being me! (lol). so without further adieu…

our fizzy bubbly bath treats are composed of two parts. the “frosting” (which really isn’t frosting at all, so don’t eat it!) is a solid bubble bath. and the “cupcake,” which is really just a super xxl bath bomb. those two parts, create one amazing bath time experience!

once you’ve unwrapped your bath treat, you’re ready to go. you can ditch all the packaging at this point.

remove the frosting from the cupcake

crumble the frosting under running water

if any frosting pieces fall into the water, don’t worry, just scoop them out and break them up under the running water. the more you break apart the frosting, the more bubbles you will have.

once the frosting is all broken up, drop your cupcake in and let the fizz begin!

your tub will transform into a moisturizing mecca of bath-time bliss! all that’s left to do? sit back, and enjoy the bubbles!

haven’t tried one yet? click here to see all of the fizzy-bubbly bath treats for sale! or send us an email at [email protected]