crafting high-quality bath products with love

what started as a weekend hobby has become a full-on obsession with crafting and creating beautiful soap and bath products filled with love and lather. we wanted soaps and bath bombs that made our skin, wallet, and consciences feel awesome! we weren't getting any of those things after reading a few ingredient labels and using the same old, off-the-shelf products. so we set out to make something different. we've figured out some pretty ah-mazing recipes through our ups and downs, and we're bringing them to you. please continue reading to learn more about shirley road soap company.

naturally handmade products

our soaps and bath products reflect the beauty and simplicity already in nature. we don't need a long list of chemicals we can't pronounce to get clean. we need a little love and lather, and we like lots of lather.

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100% handmade

Our products are 100% handmade by a real human and range from elegant to funky to all-natural and everything in between! They're jam-packed with specialty and luxury oils like skin-loving Shea Butter, Jojoba & Argon Oil, Avocado and Aloe Vera Butter, and Evening Primrose… just to name a few.

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only the best ingredients

we are constantly challenging ourselves to create all-natural, handcrafted products that are fun and functional. we never test anything on animals (well… unless you count our children. but they seem to like it!). we encourage and support sustainable practices. did i mention we make everything by hand??

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committed to excellence

we've made hundreds of bars of soap and tested darn near all of them. we've had moments of soap nirvana and moments of "what were we thinking?!?" but we've never given up, reformulated, and never stopped improving.

Meet the Maker

maegan started making soap in 2015 after years of chronic body wash use. (i'm sorry, but it's high time she admitted that). she began with the hobbyist approach. the whole… "hmmm… what can i make with the ingredients i have in my kitchen…?" pinterest was her bff, and her recipes changed daily, depending on, well… what olive oil was on sale that week.

pretty quickly, though, she realized that not all ingredients are created equal. and just because something could sauté a vegetable, that didn't necessarily make it a good soap or skincare ingredient. she abandoned the betty crocker soaping school of thought and ran straight into the arms of a more science-based method.


expert on oils & ingredients

imagine if "breaking bad" took over "bath and body works." yeah… just like that. she made herself an expert on oils and ingredients and learned which ones she believed in and which ones were better left in the pantry. today, maegan takes time to think about her recipes and what specific outcomes she is trying to achieve. she spends countless hours of trial and error to formulate the most wonderful soaps, bath bombs, moisturizers, and other skin-loving creations!

handcrafted with love

everything is handcrafted by maegan herself, using thoughtful ingredients filled with love and lather. maegan is an enthusiast for all things diy. from furniture to gardening to website building, soap and bath bling are her favorites! check out our blog to find tips and tricks and get to know her better!