crazy for coconuts!

if you’ve read any article, heck, if you’ve read any tagline as it rolls past any other article you’re reading, you know that coconut oil is being touted as the beauty world’s best kept secret! and we agree on its awesomeness, but its hardly a secret!

in soap, coconut oil produces a nice hard bar, with lots and lots of bubbles (yeah. we’re kind of into lather). but the thing is, once the lye starts to interact with the coconut oil and saponify (suh-pon-uh-fahy) its turns into a cleaning powerhouse that can be a bit too aggressive in the dirt and grime removing department. (cough, cough, removes too much and can leave skin dry, cough, cough).

we work on perfectly balancing our bars so that you get all the awesome bubbles and just enough cleaning power to take away the stuff you want gone, but enough moisturizing and conditioning to leave you feeling clean and super soft. that being said, coconut oil is usually down the line on the ingredient list. maybe third, fourth or even fifth down the line… (could be even further as some of our bars are formulated with 14 different oils!!)

point is, we don’t go through coconut oil as quickly as, say, olive oil. or shea butter. so it got me wondering, “just what else can i really do with coconut oil?” it’s kind of my go-to face moisturizer at night, but i know there’s more….

so here’s a list of the things i’ve tried. of things i plan on trying. and a list of things i’ll probably never try, but i find super interesting!!

in the kitchen:

mix it with coffee or tea for a natural energy boost! (i’ve tried it!) a little goes along way, in my opinion and i didn’t notice much of an energy boost. but it was creamy coffee and delicious and i enjoyed it j

use as a replacement for butter (tried it!) and i’m a fan j

eat it straight from the spoon! (haven’t tried it… and it’ll probably remain that way. now if we’re talking peanut butter from a spoon… well, that’s an entirely different conversation.) but anyway, it has been claimed that coconut oil straight off the spoon can help curb sugar cravings.

for the body:

as an awesome lightweight moisturizer. (tried it!) no need to spend a bajillion dollars on moisturizers, just slap on some coconut oil!

all-natural bug spray. (haven’t tried it, but it’s on my list to try!) combine ½ cup coconut oil and 10 drop of tea tree essential oil in a spray bottle, then spritz yourself to keep bugs at bay!

all natural conditioner! just put it in wet hair and let it sit for 2-10 minutes. rinse and go on with your life. (i have not tried this. but i am trying it the second after i finish this article! i’ve been looking forward to my 10-soap shower all morning!)

“pulling” (this… i have not tried. and i don’t know if i’m interested…) pulling is when you swish an oil (coconut oil for the sake of this article) in your mouth for 20 minutes. the claim is that pulling draws toxins out of your body through your mouth and improves oral, plus overall health. you’re supposed to spit the 20-minute-old-swished-oil into the trash can, since it could solidify and gunk up your drain. i just don’t know if i can handle all that sensory viscosity… i’d love to hear from readers who have tried this. leave a comment below and we can discuss!

in our products:

you know its in our soap! but it’s high content of vitamins a, d, e, and k make it an awesome skin-loving ingredient for many of our other products. and you know how we feel about skin-loving ingredients!!

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what other things do you use coconut oil for??