Remember that game? “Never have I ever…. ridden an alligator with wings” (or any alligator, for that matter!)
“Never have I ever…. worn 2 different shoes!”
“Never have I ever… Built my own website!!” Well, we can scratch that one off the list now, I guess.

And as long as we’re being honest here…. Never have I ever started a company after a fun weekend of making soap with my neighbor either! But it looks like we can scratch that one off the list as well…

I am part of a Girl-Powerhouse that has decided to take on dirt — one soapy lather at a time. And if you know me, you know that a few months ago I was a die hard liquid-soap fan (head-hanging in shame). I didn’t see the purpose in bar soap. I didn’t like the fact that it gummed up my counter tops-and I was militantly against buying a soap dish. Why do that when I can just pump out some Soft Soap and call it a day? I mean, its soap, right???

Perhaps I should mention that I’ve also always had dry skin. Correlation??? We’ll get to that later.

Anyway, one day, right before Thanksgiving, my dear, sweet friend invited me over to make soap. “Eh,” I thought, “I’m not really into soap, but I’m up for new things…. And besides… She always keeps cold Coke Zeros for me and all the ones at my house are warm….” So I went over there, questionable motives and all.

She had gadgets and gizmos and surgical gowns and masks and I thought, “What The…??” Three batches (and a lot of amazement on my part) later I was hooked! Completely hooked. There were so many oil combinations and fragrances and colors and patterns and OMG!!(My heart still does a little pitta-patter when I think of how wide open and awesome this stuff is.)
So, like any completely normal, sane, rational woman…. I went home and spent 72 straight hours googling soap. Soap Recipes, Soap Techniques, Soap Oils, Soap Mistakes, Soap, Soap, Soap, Soap. (yes, eyebrows were raised at home.)
Several Amazon and BrambleBerry cart-fulls later, I realized I had amassed quite a bit of soap making supplies. And I could wash my hands with a new bar of soap everyday for the rest of my life and never deplete my supply. I, quite literally, had soap hiding in my closet. And my pantry. And my kids closets…
So, again… like any sane, rational, completely normal woman I hopped on the Corporations Commission website and **poof**! The business was born and now I get to share all of my skin-loving soapy goodness with the world! (You can thank me later).

Stay Tuned as I continue to barrel through the list of “Never have I evers…”
I think we’re going to have a lot of fun!

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